House Washing Wilmington

House Washing Wilmington

 There’s something special about Wilmington. And Hydro Max Pro is proud to support the people who call this part of North Carolina home with our house washing solution. Your property is an investment – but it’s also your home sweet home. And it deserves to look the part!

Erase those Eyesores On Your Home

Does your siding spark pride? … Or does it make you cringe?

If you have the latter reaction, you aren’t alone. House washing is an essential part of Wilmington property maintenance. And much of that is due to the part of the country we live in. Thanks to our temperate, often-humid climate, our exterior deals with some serious blows from the elements. This leads to eyesores caused by:

  • Mold and mildew: If you see black clusters or dark dots, you have a mold or mildew issue. It’s ugly, for sure – but it’s also hinting at a greater issue. If mold is allowed to grow, it can creep into your home interior and create a serious health risk.
  • Algae: Green film clinging to your home exterior? That’s all thanks to algae. This buildup thrives in moist areas and makes your siding look like it just took a vacation to the swamp.
  • Dirt and pollen: The air carries particulate matter with it, and this comes to settle on your home exterior. The result is a dull, diminished appearance for your siding.
  • Moss: Occasionally, we’ll see moss growing on wood siding. While some may think it looks quaint, it’s an active deteriorating factor to your exterior.

The summary? Your home deals with a lot. But when you invest in a routine Wilmington house washing service from Hydro Max Pro, those eyesores disappear in [almost] the snap of a finger.

A Safer House Washing Solution

There are two approaches that people take to a Wilmington house washing project: pressure washing or soft washing.

And in this case, one option isn’t merely better than the other. It’s the only option.

Before we delve into the “why,” it’s important to know what differentiates pressure washing from soft washing.

  • Pressure washing: This technology uses equipment that sends out water and cleaning product at a high PSI, or pounds per square inch. In a nutshell: It stays true to its name and uses a heavy dose of pressure to achieve its cleaning needs. We use pressure washing to clean concrete and other hardscapes.
  • Soft washing: Soft washing uses the same basic concept as pressure washing; it uses professional equipment to distribute cleaners and water onto the affected surface. But it doesn’t use high pressure. In fact, the force used in this process is comparable to that of a garden hose. It’s a great fit for siding and other surfaces that need a thorough clean – without the pressure.

Soft washing is the safe way to approach your Wilmington house washing project. Our team brings advanced cleaning technology and a time-tested technique to bring out the best in your home exterior… without harming your siding in the process.

The Hydro Max Pro Difference

You deserve Wilmington house washing service you can count on. Our team is proud to bring that peace of mind to you. When you trust our team with your home exterior, you can count on:

  • Five-Star Service
    With 5-star reviews across the board, you know your property is getting the best!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
    We promise that you’ll be completely satisfied with your Wilmington house washing service – or our job isn’t finished.
  • Professionalism at its Best
    We’re licensed, insured, and certified. You deserve authentic professional service – and that’s what you get.

House Washing that Excels

Our team is proud to raise the bar of Wilmington house washing. When you turn to our experts for your property, you’re getting the best treatment for your home, including:

  • Top-of-the-line soft washing equipment: Our soft washing equipment represents the industry’s best. It’s quality you can count on to last.
  • Dynamic cleaners: Your home faces a lot. We offer cleaning detergents that help to get rid of every eyesore, from mold to dirt.
  • Certified professionals: Our technicians have been in the Wilmington house washing business for years. We know how to make your exterior shine!

Hydro Max Pro is proud to bring a better level of service to our neighbors in Wilmington. When you turn to our team for your house washing solution, you can always count on service that gets it right the first time!